Gods & Goddesses

This page introduces you to Hinduism’s key gods and goddesses, from Brahman, the One Supreme Soul, to the gods that comprise the Hindu Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), and many others besides.

Topics I intend to cover include the following:

  • Starting with the One Supreme Soul Identifying Gods by Their Portrayals Brahma, the Creator, attributes of Brahma
  • Brahma’s consort: Saraswati, the goddess of learning
  • Vishnu, the Preserver and attributes of Vishnu Divinities related to Vishnu Vishnu’s consorts
  • Shiva, the Destroyer – forms of Shiva, the consorts of Shiva: Parvati and Sati, and Shiva’s sons
  • The Feminine Divine – Durga Devi, Kali, the destructive power of time, Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Firmament – Indra and the Vedic storm gods
  • The sun and planets as rulers of destiny
  • Agni and the Vedic gods of home and community
  • Discovering Where the Gods Reside
  • Introducing the three worlds, looking at all 14 worlds
  • The Avatars of Vishnu: The Divine Descent, understanding the Role of an Avatar, the conditions essential for incarnations, the descent of the savior, and the Ten Incarnations of Vishnu
  • Matsya: The big fish story
  • Kurma, the tortoise, lends his back
  • Varaha, the boar, rescues the earth goddess Narasimha, the man-lion, uses his claws Vamana, the dwarf, takes three giant steps Parashu Rama and the revenge of the clerics
  • Rama and the ideal of kingship
  • The birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar, Buddha, the ninth avatar, Kalki: The tenth avatar yet to come
  • The ten manifestations at a glancework in progress banner notice